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The boiler uses highly purified water in enclosed tubes and boils it to make steam.

To do this, ground coal is blown into the bottom of the boiler and ignited, creating a fireball.

The intense heat from this fireball causes the water running through the tubes in the boiler to turn into steam, which is collected in a steam drum at the top of the boiler.

The steam is then passed through another set of tubes in the boiler where it is superheated to extremely high temperatures.

This high pressure, high temperature steam is then piped to the turbine.

Edmonton Power Historical Foundation

Hours of operation 2022

We are located on the grounds of the Leduc West Antique Museum. Travel 5 miles west of Leduc on Highway 39. Go north on Range Road 260 (Cohne Dale Road) for about a mile and the museum will be on your right. Our museum will be open for the first time post-pandemic on September 17 as the Leduc West Antique Society hosts the Lesco Pro Show 'n Shine. We will be open from 10 AM to 5 PM; on the grounds there will be food concessions, kiddie games, bouncy tents and gorgeous trucks. Admission to the site is only $2.

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