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Babcock Boiler Nameplate

circa 1960s

This Cast Aluminum nameplate was taken from the No. 8 Babcock and Wilcox Boiler at the Rossdale Power Plant.

Ten Babcock and Wilcox Sterling type boilers were installed at Rossdale Power Plant between 1932 and 1966

These boilers supplied the steam required forsteam the turbines. The boilers installed between 1932 until 1950, were coal fired. They were converted to natural gas in 1951.

Boilers installed after 1950 were capable of burning two fuels; natural gas or fuel oil (Bunker C oil).

Boiler Serial Number Plate

Circa 1963

Each Babcock and Wilcox boiler had a Serial Number Plate attached to it. This particular plate is from the Rossdale No. 9 HP Boiler.

Construction  1962 -1963

Placed into service in July of 1963.

Manufacturer:  Babcock and Wilcox

Specifications: Sterling Boiler

Serial No.:      50700

Heating Surface:   64,710 sq. ft.

Operating Pressure:   975 psi

Boiler No. 9             A04226

Boiler Serial Number Plate

circa 1966

This serial number plate is from Rossdale Power Plant Boiler No. 10.

Each Babcock and Wilcox boiler at Rossdale Power Plant had a Serial Number Plate attached.

Construction  1965-1966

Placed into service in October of 1966.

Manufacturer: Babcock and Wilcox

Specifications: Sterling Boiler

Serial No.: 56400

Heating surface: 64710 sq. ft.

Operating Pressure: 975 psi

No. 10:   A075600

Boiler Serial Number Plate


Each Clover Bar boiler had its own serial number plate.

This plate is from Clover Bar Babcock and Wilcox Boiler No. 3

Constructed 1974-1975

Manufacturer: Babcock and Wilcox

Specifications: Radiant Boiler

Serial No. 70890

Heating surface: 79,778 sq. ft.

Operating Pressure: 2100 psi


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