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Learn more about Electricity



Welcome to the Edmonton Power Historical Foundation Student Centre!

This section of the website is for students of all ages, but is specifically geared towards those in Grade 5 who are studying electricity.

Student Powerpoint Presentations

We are proud to show you the following presentations submitted by some local students. Take a look!

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Edmonton Power History Electrical Inventions Power Generation Mercury Arc Rectifier Transmission & Distribution

Quiz #1

How much you know about electricity?

  1. What is an electron? View Answer
    A negatively charged part of an atom.
  2. What is a Conductor? View Answer
    Anything an electrical current can pass through easily.
  3. What is a battery? View Answer
    A device that stores electricity.
  4. Is an eraser an insulator, conductor, or resistor? View Answer
  5. Is a scissor blade an insulator, resistor, conductor? View Answer
  6. Is a quarter an insulator, resistor, conductor? View Answer
  7. Is pencil lead a insulator, resistor, or conductor? View Answer
  8. What is electricity? View Answer
    Energy created when electrons flow in a circuit.
  9. What is an Insulator? View Answer
    Material that electricity has trouble flowing through.
  10. Why shouldn't we play near substations? View Answer
    If there's a substation in your neighborhood, it's important to steer clear. There's a lot of high-voltage electricity inside - and you don't even have to touch anything inside to get hurt.
  11. What is a Circuit? View Answer
    A complete path for an electric current.
  12. What is a Resistor? View Answer
    Part of a circuit that slows electron flow.
  13. Why don't birds get shocked when they sit on power lines? View Answer
    Birds don't get electrocuted when they land on a power line because they are only touching one of the wires. If they were to touch two (or more) of the wires at the same time they WOULD get electrocut



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